My kids wake up early in the morning.  Is there a blind to darken the room?

Yes, blackout roller blinds have proven very popular. They are available in a  range of colours. If are just replacing one in a front room it is best to match up with your existing colour scheme. You can take the existing blind to our factory and have the fabric replaced while you wait.

Where can I repair my blinds?

We provide a repair service for all types of window blind. It can often be as simple as re-cording or replacing some chain or friction mechanism. Roller blinds with mildew or certain stains  can be re-scalloped and made to look like new. Please note that blinds discoloured due to cigarette smoke can not be cleaned or repaired, replacing the fabric is the only option in this case.

How do I measure my window for blinds?

Regardless of the type of blind required the most important think to bear in mind is that the window size can vary from top to bottom. For the width measure LH – RH at the top, middle and bottom and for the drop measure from the top to bottom on the LHS and top to bottom on the RHS.

I have young children and I am concerned about the cords on my old blinds?

We have a range of options for this. The most common is a clip that is screwed to the side wall and holds the chain in place. It’s essential that cots, beds and couches are not left near the windows for kids to climb. Further details on the NSAI guidelines will be posted on the website shortly.